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From: Vincent Vincent
Subject: Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 20First, the disclaimers. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION, Copyright 2010. The
narrative that follows did not happen to me or to anyone else I know. The
characters little cocksucker girls lolita in the story, like myself, are all of legal age. Don't contact
Me to meet these slaves. DO contact Me if you want to become one of these
slaves. Also contact me with any praise, criticism, or suggestions. All
feedback is good.And for the curious, the fratboys' reference to Delta Psi can be learned
about in "frat-boys-bitch-boy", also under Nifty/Gay/Authoritarian.
( & Fagdad - Part 20The fagboy was exhausted from the cherry-busting fuck of his dreams. All
he wanted to do was crawl into his cell and rest, floating off the high of
his orgasm.But the fagboy knew nobody cared, nobody should care, what a fagboy wants.
So he lolita teen porn bbs crawled into the Sirs' room, which was once his room not-so-long-ago.
Back when he was Ryan, back when he had an identity."So," Duncan snickered, "I don't have to ask if the fagboy got fucked.
That's fucking obvious. But tell us, who just fucked you?""Master did, Sir," the fagboy weakly replied.Mitchell laughed. "Dude, you owe me twenty bucks!""Dammit," Duncan responded, "I thought for sure your fagdad would get it
up, considering how horny he was when we screwed his ass the other night.
I want a twenty dollar bill taken out of My wallet in the dresser. Give it
to Mitchell."The fagboy obeyed, like all good fagboys do, handing the money to Mitchell.Mitchell didn't bother taking the cash. "I want the twenty put in -my-
wallet back in the dresser.""Yes, Sir." Everybody knew this is what a fagboy does. Takes care of shit
real Men don't want to bother with. Once finished, the fagboy knelt in the
middle of the room between the two frat brothers, his Sirs.Sir Mitchell reached behind Himself and pulled out a key. "Alexi told us
about how he wants to make the fagboy an insatiable cocksucker. So we have
a key to the dickcage. Whenever you're servicing either of our cocks, the
fagdick is free to get hard. So, you want to get hard, you'll just have to
beg us to let you suck us off."The fagboy's slavedick wasn't able to get more than thick and tumescent
during his orgasm, even as powerful as it was. It would feel so fucking
good to be fully hard. "Please, Sirs, show a fagboy some mercy and let me
suck You two off. Please?"Sir Duncan smiled cruelly. "Let `me' suck you two off? `Me?' Like you're
a person or something? You'd think by now a fagboy would know better.""Please, Sir, please allow -it- the pleasure of sucking Your prick and
eating Your cum. Please, Sir? It wants to taste Your dick so bad.....""Let's make this fucking clear. If I allow it to suck me off, that means
any time either faggot talks to any of the three of us, it uses `it'.
Faggots ain't people; they're just faggots. Does it agree?""Oh God yes, Sir. It agrees. It understands. It's just a faggot. A
thing to be used for Your pleasure, Sir. For any of Your pleasures, Sirs.
All it wants, no, all it needs is to serve You." The fagboy was broken
hard. "Please, Sirs, allow it that honor. Anything You want, Sirs."Sir Duncan smiled at Sir Mitchell. "OK. Then obey. Take my pillows off
the bed here and arrange them nicely on the floor so I'll be comfortable
sitting against them on the floor. I shouldn't have to adjust them in any
way whatsoever." The fagboy quickly obeyed, pushing the pillows so that
they'd support His back comfortably. Sir Duncan got up, pulled off His
pants, and sat on the pillows. "The fagboy did a nice job."The bitch smiled. "Thank You, Sir.""Now, get the key to that cockcage from Mitchell." The fagboy crept up to
Sir Mitchell, and held out his hands, wondering if he, if it, should beg
for the key. Apparently not, because Sir Mitchell just placed it in its
hands. Sir Duncan spoke again. "Now bring the key to me."The fagboy respectfully crept to Sir Duncan and put the key in His palm.
It then knelt, head down, crotch pushed a little forward so Sir Duncan
could unlock it if He so chose."Now, using only that faggot tongue, pull my dick out of my boxers. Once
it's out, don't suck it. Just put that homo tongue underneath it, just
like when it presents itself to us, laying out its tongue as an invitation
for our pricks."The fagboy whimpered and went to work, snaking its tongue into Sir Duncan's
boxers, trying to fish out His thickening cock. Sir Mitchell looked innocent young flowers lolita down
from His bed and chuckled. Finally the fagboy managed to wrap its tongue
around His cock. The fagboy sucked against His flesh and pulled, freeing
Sir Duncan's prick from the fly of His boxers. It then got on the floor
between His legs and stuck out its tongue, laying it underneath His
tumescent prick. It looked up at Sir Duncan and silently begged."Mitchell, did you read the assignment on transcedentalism in literature?
I've got a few questions about it." The two of Them talked shop, oblivious
to the fagboy. It silently lay on the floor, nearly cross-eyed as it
stared at Sir Duncan's engorged cock on its tongue, His dickhead poised at
lips of its starving mouth. As their discussion slid foto lolita flor desnuda
from English to trig,
Sir Duncan's dick pulsed softly and began to trickle out some piss. The
fagboy softly slurped His pissload while the frat brother Sirs continued
their exchange, completely ignoring it and adding to its humiliation. It
deserved no comment; it would be like talking about how amazing it was that
a toaster heated up. This is just what it was: a fagboy being used for
what fagboys are used for."So, Mitchell, you're sure that's how it works? Because I thought
... excuse me, Mitchell." Sir Duncan spat at the fagboy, "Suck. So,
Mitchell, as I was saying, I thought that the value of the sine would
indicate...." The fagboy sucked, again completely ignored by its
Owners. Sir Duncan pulled it up, unlocked its prick, and pushed it back
down to continue the sucking. All without pulling His focus away from Sir
Mitchell's explanation of how the trig theorems will be useful once Sir
Duncan takes calculus next year. As they started talking about their
expected course loads next fall, Sir Mitchell pulled Himself off the bed,
spit-lubed His cock, and pushed it against the fagboy's well-fucked hole."Arrgh. Duncan, don't you think taking Advanced Lit...", Sir Mitchell
grunted, "and Great Books at little lolita pictures free
the little black lolita model
same time will be too much reading for
your other" ... grunt... "classes? I mean, sure, you can have a faggot
take care of your homework, but you're" ... grunt ... "still going to have
to know that shit.""Yeah, Mitchell, that makes sense. I guess I'll hold off on Great Books.
Maybe I'll take that advanced Chem class." He slapped the fagboy across
the top of its head. "Switch. Mitchell, what have you heard about
Professor Atkins? How much of a hardass is he?"The fagboy wondered for a moment just what it was ordered to do. Then it
lifted itself up and spun around, putting its lips up to Sir Mitchell's
cock and spreading its buttcheeks to sit on Sir Duncan's prick. Its tongue
tasted its ass on Sir Mitchell's cock, a combination of the remnants of
Master's cum, fagdad's spit, and its own juices. It moaned from the flavor
of raw sex."So, yeah, lolita preteen nude samples
Duncan, I wouldn't sweat Atkins. You'll do fine with him. By
the way, did you hear about Delta Psi?"Fagboy was now impaling itself between both Sirs' cocks. Sliding up and
down on Sir Duncan's dick while pushing its mouth back and forth on Sir
Mitchell's meat. This was real exercise and it was grunting while working
up a sweat. Its drooling fagdick would have been rock hard except for its
deep exhaustion. The Sirs continued their discussion, completely oblivious
to its effort."No, Mitchell. Oh, wait, you mean that stupid rumor about their having an
in-house bitch-boy? Come on, you think that's true?" Sir Duncan saw Sir
Mitchell briefly raise an eyebrow while twitching His head down to Their
own faggot. "Oh, yeah, I see. Huh. I'll have to talk to Bryce next time
I see him. He'll give me the inside scoop. Shit, man, I'm getting close;
how about you?""Any time, buddy. Any time you're ready." The fagboy's head and ass were
now held by the Fratboys, rocking him hard back and forth between the two
of Them. Its prick was dripping like mad in celebration of its release.
The fagboy pulsed its cock repeatedly as the rocking paced against its
prostate.The fagboy's tongue got Sir Mitchell off first and it moaned as His salty
load filled its mouth and throat. For a fagboy, this was the taste of God.
As it let Sir Mitchell's cum slide down its throat, it felt Sir Duncan's
speed and fervor increase as He emptied Himself inside its guts.Once the two had finished, Sir Mitchell slapped it hard across its face as
Sir Duncan locked its fagdick back up. "Clean us up and get the fuck out
of here." The fagboy sucked the cum off of both Their cocks, put Sir
Duncan's pillows back on the bed, and took Their dirty clothes into the
hamper, its cell, preteen cute lolli cp with it. It collapsed atop the fagdad's body, making sure
dad's alarm was set to go off so he ... or was that now it? ... would get
to work on time in the morning.
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